The pre-war Ford went together with all polished stainless hardware throughout, and was paired with the newly straightened and polished stainless trim by John Gottard, which makes for tasteful splashes of the shiny stuff. Along the way, Wayne also found much needed help and lots of parts thanks to Bryan at Early Ford Parts in Springfield, Ohio. Bryan provided Wayne with those stainless bumpers and a crash course in Ford truck restoration which was happily absorbed and put to use. The original shocks and Ford script 6-volt battery were found through Mac's Antique Parts while Paul's Chrome in Evens City, Pennsylvania, re-chromed the necessary stock hood ornament.

Toward the end of the '39's two-year-mark in its rebirth, the truck was sent to Portage Trim in Ravenna, Ohio, for an astounding interior. Wayne didn't want anything too modern, as it would look out of sorts on the near-stock truck, so he and Autumn picked out a beautiful buckskin leather for the seat and door panels with a deep brown carpet to match. Such a tasteful and classy interior leaves nothing to be desired except a longer look!

Wayne found a walnut for the bed wood that he liked and proceeded to cut, fit, finish, and install along with smooth stainless trim strips sandwiched in between each glossy plank. He is also proud of the rebuild and use of the original headlight/dimmer switch that mounts at the bottom of the steering column and uses the horn button for adjustment, which was no easy task if you've ever tried! He also points out the use of the aftermarket heater from the 1940s that fit exactly where he wanted it, and now works perfectly thanks to his capable hands.

Wayne and Pat love cruising the '39 down the back country roads near their home. We'll bet Wayne doesn't even miss going to work anymore, not after hauling home many trophies-the first of which was obtained on its maiden trip to the 2005 F-100 Super Nats in Knoxville, Tennessee. Can't argue with that!