Body style/Material COE crew cab / steel
Body Manufacturer Ford
Major modificatiions '56 Ford pickup cab grafted to '56 COE
cab, third door, '59 Ford station wagon roof panel
Hood stock with latches removed
Grille chrome '56 Ford truck w/emblem removed
Bed owner-built 8-foot bed & tailgate,
raised oak floor, custom inside finish
panels & hinges
Headlights Three-bar halogen
Taillights '55 Pontiac
Other body items owner-built rolled rear pan, running
boards, aprons; rear fenders lengthened
front, shortened rear; smaller front wheel openings
Paint type/color PPG Deltron / Persimmon and silver
Body/paint owner Dave Dolman
Pinstriping/Graphics Roger Nunn, Lincoln, NE
Dashboard original with lower panel added
Gauges VDO
Stereo/Speakers Jensen 165-W with 80-W and 300-W amps
Air conditioning Vintage Air
Wiring Haywire kit
Steering wheel Lecarra
Seats front: Chevy truck 60/40; rear: Ford van
Upholsterer Larry Cummings, Humboldt, NE
Material/color leather and vinyl/taupe
Carpet/color wool/gray
Pedals Ford truck
Other interior owner-built engine cover
Accessories power antenna, windows