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Classic Trucks
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Classic Trucks

Classic Oldsmobile Trucks

Check out our classic Oldsmobile trucks below and get professional reviews on each one from the experts at Classic Trucks.
1951 Chevy Pickup - A Man With A Plan
There are lots of ways to enjoy our hobby, thanks to the virtually unlimited availability of parts for our old trucks. If you want to restore yours back to factory original, a huge selection of... more
1954 Chevrolet 3100 - Corvette In Disguise!
From Statesville, North Carolina, Jerry Lyndon is a dedicated Corvette enthusiast. Combining work and pleasure, he owns a sporting goods business and has been doing Corvette restorations for 40 years.... more
1979 Chevrolet C10 - Mix & Match
OK, it was the paint that caught our eye, but like so many great trucks, upon closer inspection, Ron and Connie Thacker’s truck was a lot more than just a cool flame job.... more
1968 Chevrolet C10 - Elbow Grease
The title of this feature tells it all. There’s not another C10 like this one anywhere, and it required a bunch of imagination and a lot of work to make it that way.... more
1948 Ford F1 - Theodore
Evan Bloom's '48 F-1... more
1956 Ford F-100 - Making It Happen
With the ever-growing popularity of electronics and the new wave of technological advancements, some vehicles practically drive themselves.... more
April 2010 Classic Trucks Readers Letters - Postage Paid
Check out 1950 Ford pickup trucks and much more in April 2010's readers letters!... more
Introduction To Power Steering Systems - Night School
By 1951, many American vehicles required power steering. Gemmer's Hydraguide system, the first power steering system used on an American car, was Chrysler's answer to the massive front end weight... more
1959 Ford F-100 - Two-Timer
Check out Jim Dorman's 1959 Ford F-100 which he found in Windsor Ontario and had shipped back to North Vancouver British Columbia. Once at home Jim restored the truck to a classic marvel.... more
1955 Chevy Truck - Canadian Calling Card
Come check this amazing 1955 Chevy Truck featuring a set of 17-inch Boyd Coddington Timeless wheels, a Edelbrock Performer intake manifold and carb combo and C-notched rear frame.... more

Classic Trucks Forum

1980 Scottsdale wiring problem
I have a 1980 Scottsdale Diesel, that I converted to gas with an Oldsmobile Rocket 350. Truck is... more
1980 Scottsdale wiring problem
the brown wire is the parking lights... light blue and dark blue are the turn signals to the... more
1980 Scottsdale wiring problem
looking at the diagram.. your ground connections for the headlights and the turn signal lights will... more
gold engine paint
Oldsmobile used a gold color on their engines until the mid-seventies. Duplicolor should have that... more
Classic Trucks