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Classic Trucks
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Classic Trucks

Classic Mercury Trucks

Check out our classic Mercury trucks below and get professional reviews on each one from the experts at Classic Trucks.
1967 Chevy C10 - Sanitary In Silver
Ron Kistler of Slatington, Pennsylvania, told CT when asked why he decided to build a 1967-72 series C10 that it was a simple matter of "I just had to have one."... more
Classic Cruisers - 1969 Chevy C10
Classic Trucks subscriber Mike Thompson thought he'd send us some pictures and tell us a bit about his 1969 C10.... more
1976 Ford F-100 - Snow Job
It seemed like a solid plan – park the nice Mustang for the Michigan winter and buy an old truck to drive through the salt and snow, plus everyone needs a truck for hauling stuff.... more
2012 Syracuse Nationals
We could go on about all the neat things that were happening at the Syracuse Nats, but that'd eat into how many truck photos we can run.... more
1957 Mercury M-100 - Analog Mercury
I just happened to look to my left and spotted a Gilles’ ’57 Mercury sitting amongst the crowd of vehicles, and luckily for me he was sitting right next to it.... more
October 2012 Classic Trucks Letters - Postage Paid
Read more letters from reader's like you from this month's issue... more
KKOA Leadsled Spectacular - Getting The Lead Out
Chopped Mercury coupes and low-riding Chevys may be the first rides that come to mind when you think of classic customs—or kustoms—from the ’50s and early-’60s. Let’s not forget, though, that pickups... more
1967 International A1000 - Classic Cruisers
Aaron Irwin of Haigler, Nebraska, sent us a handful of images of his way cool ’67 International A1000 pickup.... more
January 2012 Classic Trucks Parts - Parts Department
Check out the latest parts we review this month in this issue's Parts Department... more
2011 Classic Truck Buyer's Guide
The classic truck marketplace is truly one of the fastest growing in the automotive hobby.... more

Classic Trucks Forum

Weather stripping for 1966 Mercury M-100
Hello! I have a twin i 1966 mercury and it has a very cracked up windshield. I have no problem... more
1965 Mercury EM-100, Mercury Econoline 5 window pickup truck.
1965 Mercury EM-100, Mercury Econoline 5 window pickup truck. For Sale rare one of a kind. Solid... more
Weather stripping for 1966 Mercury M-100
Ford truck is the same . Ay of the suppliers should have windshield rubber LMC Mac's Dennis... more
cant seem to find an aftermarket firewall mount booster 1950 f1
I have been looking for a firewall mount brake booster setup. i can find it for the 1953 an newer... more
Classic Trucks