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Classic Trucks

Classic Ford Trucks

Check out our classic Ford trucks below and get professional reviews on each one from the experts at Classic Trucks.
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1956 Ford F-100 - Just Like Dad
Bruce Ross describes himself as a typical 60-ish car guy working in his garage on a budget and reliving the dream.... more
Postage Paid - May 2014
Jim Rizzo answers readers' tech questions!... more
Replacing Firewalls and Floorboards
When Mid Fifty F-100 Parts announced a few years ago that they had replacement firewalls, we couldn't get one here fast enough.... more
Parts Department - April 2014
Check out this month's must-have truck parts!... more
Classic Cruisers - 1954 Ford F-100
Our pal and fellow classic trucker Fernando Martinez sent us a few snaps of his beautiful 1954 F-100.... more
1952 Ford F-1 - Industrial Art
Hot rod fever is a strange affliction. Once contracted, there seems to be no known cure.... more
Installing Fatman Fabrications Volare Drop Spindles
Way back in the old days, around the mid 1980s, there were two fairly new independent front suspensions that were the talk of the hot rodding world.... more
Total Cost Involved Engineering IFS
With the initial growth of our hobby came an entirely new industry offering products that made classic pickups easier to build, more comfortable to drive, and safer, too.... more
Installing a CPP Auxiliary Vacuum Pump
You're building the truck of your dreams, complete with an updated chassis and killer paintwork. You admit you went a little too far when building the engine, but the horsepower in your eyes kept you... more
Parts Department - February 2014
Check out our parts department featuring products from Fitch Fuel Catalyst and more!... more

Classic Trucks Forum

Need to sell My Ford Ranchero - 1963
I need to sell my Ford Ranchero. My Ford having 6 cylinder engine, gasoline fuel, 56,000 mi... more
51 Ford F-1 Frame work in Phoenix Needed
I have a 51 Ford F-1 truck which will be getting a total rebuild. I had planned on doing the frame... more
1966-1972 ford towing rig
If you want a 5 speed look for a donor 351 Windsor motor out of a 80's or 90's pickup. The motor... more
Classic Trucks