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Classic Trucks

Classic Chevrolet Trucks

Check out our classic Chevrolet trucks below and get professional reviews on each one from the experts at Classic Trucks.
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Parts Department - May 2014
Check out these parts for your classic truck!... more
Contemporary Truck Talk - All Mod Cons
What’s really cool is that we've come full circle in the industry that supports the classic truck market, and it’s caught up with what the greatest minds in Detroit can think up today.... more
1972 Chevy C10 - On Second Thought
In 1978 Glen Pratt was just a young fella with an uncle who owned a 1970 Chevy K20 his family took camping to Lake Shasta time after time. For Glen, the desire to own and customize a 1967-1972 Chevy... more
Prepping Fiberglass Parts for Paint
I always feel as though I'd been mugged by an irate itching powder salesman by the time my forays into 'glass repairs are barely completed.... more
1966 Chevrolet C10 - Too Tuff To Buff
Jeff first laid eyes on his Chevy 14 years ago. The pickup was part of a backyard collection of old cars and trucks owned by a local gentleman by the name of Joe Harmon.... more
1954 Chevy 3100 - Back From The Brink
Ron Porter, a Marine Contractor living in Hudson, Florida, has been tinkering with mechanics since he was a teenager.... more
1966 Chevy C10 - Orange Twist
Young truck enthusiasts are the future of our hobby and it's refreshing to witness first-hand when they grab the proverbial bull by the horns when taking on their very first build.... more
Parts Department - February 2014
Check out our parts department featuring products from Fitch Fuel Catalyst and more!... more
1959 Chevy El Camino - It’s Got A Cargo Bed, Doesn’t It?
It was a half-century-ago ride that a 14-year-old Dan Turner has never forgotten.... more
Corvette Front Suspension Installation
What can you say about Corvette suspension that hasn't already been said?... more

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56 Chevrolet help needed
Yep, I have been working on Broncos lately and I hear of "marine rated" speakers being used. Been... more
56 Chevrolet help needed
Thanks for the advise for the speakers. But I still don't know where the water drains and why the... more
56 Chevrolet help needed
there are also hard molded plastic versions available..... more
56 Chevrolet help needed
there are water proof speakers.. there are also various materials of speaker cones that are water... more
Classic Trucks