[01][02] Randy Ito’s ’55 Cameo took some time to build. Between business travels Ito finished the ’55 to be a showstopper. Look out for a feature on this pickup in the future.

[03] Oh boy, oh boy, an Apache! I’m not sure what it is about the dual headlamps that I love. This ’58, owned by Robert and Dava Kurhajian, was well done, sporting a Stepside bed and TCI chassis. Wheeler’s Speed Shop of Huntington Beach, California, accounted for the wonderful job.

[04][05] Yes, I’m a sucker for lowrider trucks, too. I like them all, especially ones as nice as Danny Tyler’s ’52 two-tone Chevy and Joe Epstein’s ’50 Chevy.

[06] Mox Millers’ The Hunter was on display in the then and now section. We love seeing custom trucks that survive the test of time in the looks department.

[07] Rob MacGregor, owner of this ’55 F-100 and No Limit Engineering, has been putting this baby to the test on the track. With his Big 10 chassis under the body, this truck can turn.

[08] Let’s go to the beach; pile in kids! Wayne Roger and Jim Helton of Wayne’s Hot Rod Garage in Shingle Springs, California, lugged their ’51 Chevy Suburban to Southern California to enjoy the sun’s rays and take in the other cool trucks.

[09] Otto Rhodes’ ’53 Ford was purchased used in 1956, five months after he graduated high school. He soon chopped the roof and customized it to his touch. What a cool ’50s survivor.