In celebration of the F-100 Western Nationals' 25th anniversary, Pickups Limited invited Pat Ford out from North Carolina to sign autographs, shake hands, and share stories. In case you don't know who Pat is, he puts on the F-100 Supernationals in Tennessee, which is proud to hold the title of world's largest F-100 event. Pat's a legend, and with that last name of his he'd have to be! Pat's son Squire also made the trip, and both were made honorary members of Pickups Limited for their hard work in the world of F-100s. Jack Reis was also honored for his involvement since the early days of the aftermarket for pioneering and providing products for classic truckers. It's hard to tell where we'd be today in the hobby without people like Jack who dedicated their lives to furthering it.

Pickups Limited has another two-day event planed for '08, with the show taking place June 21. For info on upcoming as well as past events and more, go to or for all the details. We'll see you there next summer!